About Me



I am a certified hypnotherapist as well as NLP Life & Relationship Coach based on the West Coast of South Africa.. I love having a purpose in empowering and equipping individuals and couples to brace the storms life challenges us with. 


As a wife, mother and professional I believe that life is a precious gift and that the things that matter most are the little moments. Hope lives in those little moments. I also know that it can often be tough to navigate the roads that we have to walk and without the right tools we are easily overwhelmed with the challenges life throws at us.



We all go through periods of emotional stress. Having a safe space in which to share and work through the emotional impacts can significantly change your perspective and equip you to find a way forward. There are no “big or small” issues. We are all unique individuals and the impact of life and those around us affects us differently.



Most of the time we can deal with our problems on our own, but sometimes we feel overwhelmed by our situation. During times like these, we need someone that is objective and non-judgmental to support and guide us to not only overcome, but also grow because of these challenges. I am fluent in English and Afrikaans and help individuals and couples deal with day to day concerns such as loneliness, relationship challenges, stress, anxiety, self esteem, personal development, loss, self doubt, motivational support, body image issues and life coaching to empower and equip you to take ownership of your own LIVTACULAR life.



This site will give you an idea of who I am, what I do and whether I might be able to help you. You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a free 45 minute introductory appointment!



I would love to hear from you!



Take Care,

My Approach

Apart from creating a safe, non-judgemental environment for my clients to share and reflect on their current challenges, I prefer to work from a cognitive-behavioural paradigm. This means that I guide, empower and equip my clients to identify, address and overcome unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving. I meet you, where you are at and use a multi dimensional approach. It is, however, true that every client is unique and that the same approach does not work for everyone. For that reason, I also use a wide variety of complementary techniques to assist my clients in acquiring the knowledge, skills and tools they need.