What is the introductory session for?

The introductory session is for us to discuss your specific situation, expectations and desired outcome of sessions. It is for me to assess if it will be beneficial for you to journey with me and for you to meet me in a confidential, non judgemental space to experience who I am, what my approach is and if you feel comfortable

with me. It is very important that the therapist and client/s connect and often clients see multiple therapists and/or coaches before they find the right match.

What is the difference between Life Coaching and Counselling Therapy?

Therapy, also called counselling or psychotherapy, is a long-term process in which a client works with a healthcare professional to diagnose and resolve problematic

beliefs, behaviors, relationship issues, feelings and sometimes physical responses. The idea behind therapy is to focus on past traumas and issues to change

self-destructive habits, repair and improve relationships and work through painful feelings. In this sense, therapy focuses on the past and on introspection and

analysis, with the hope of resolving past issues and creating a happier, more stable future.


In life coaching, a client works with a coach to clarify goals and identify obstacles and problematic behaviors in order to create action plans to achieve desired results.

The main way that a life coach vs. therapist works is that the life coach takes the client’s current starting point as an acceptable neutral ground and is more 

action-based from that point onward. A life coach enables the person receiving treatment to take control of their life and take action to steer it toward their goals.

What is the difference between Life Coaching and NLP?

Life coaching helps coaches to identify the roadblocks that are stopping their clients from achieving their desired outcome. Beyond the recognition of these roadblocks, NLP Coaching allows you to delve deeper and identify the root cause of these roadblocks which when removed, result in a more profound transformation.

How long is a session?

Both counselling therapy and Life Coaching sessions are 50 – 60min

Do you offer online sessions?

Yes. I offer face to face sessions at my offices in Vredenburg or online via various platforms.

What are the fees for a session?

The first introductory session of 30min is free. Thereafter all therapy and coaching services incur a cost per session payable via eft before the session or in cash after. Please inquire about our discounted bundle rates.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state of focused relaxation, a state through which everybody passes on a normal day when they are focused on one thing whilst relaxed at the same time – reading, daydreaming, driving (ever driven home and not remembered the journey?)

How can Hypnotherapy help me?

  • Stop smoking

  • Concentration

  • Relaxation

  • Better Sleep

  • Relieving Stress

  • Public Speaking

Is a person who is hypnotised out of control?

Not at all. Unfortunately staged hypnosis has given the state a bad reputation. ALL hypnosis is self-hypnosis and is a state a person allows themself to enter willingly (you cannot be forced to relax). This means that it is impossible to ‘get stuck’ in hypnosis, a person could choose to wake themselves at any point, or at worst – fall asleep.

Can everyone benefit from hypnotherapy?

Yes, but only if the desire for change is present. Because this is a self-controlled process, if a person does not really want to change their behaviour pattern, any suggestion to do just that will be immediately rejected.

What does hypnotherapy feel like?

There is actually no defined sensation for hypnosis. It is a deeply relaxed state, so that is what most people will actually feel. Some may feel tingling, a heaviness or lightness, or even as though they have had a doze. Almost everybody will feel very refreshed and alert after a session.

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